9 Reasons why

9 Reasons why we are different and why you should come stay with us!

1. Lots of space

our property as seen from above

Our property measures around 28.000 m², which is are rarely seen treat for tourism sites along the beachfront. While we reserved a little spot for our private living, most of the property is designated as tourism area or conservation area!

2. Off-the-grid

Our location is kind of special: We are situated on a Peninsula right between the oceanfront and the mangroves. Behind us there’s the Padre Ramos estuary, a valuable and protected ecosystem worth exploring. Due to the remote location, Venecia is one of the least developed beaches in Nicaragua.

3. Binational

We are an ambitious StartUp in the tourism and conservation sector, made up of a binational team of husband and wife. We combine all the merits of the Nicaraguan and German culture!

4. Cats and dogs

During your stay you might come across some lovely pet dogs and cats that like to be entertained and treated well. But don’t worry if you’re not so much into them: They know their boundaries!

5. Your contribution counts

Your money funds our conservation efforts, especially the sea turtle program! Remember that we pay for every egg that is transferred into the hatchery – it’s a necessary incentive so that people don’t sell them on the black market.
We are not affiliated with any donors, sponsors or organizations! The more people come, pay for their stay and help out, the more nests we can protect and the more research we can undertake.

6. Good waves

Okay, we have to admit: Most beaches in Nicaragua are pretty nice surfing spots. We just wanted to say: Venecia has some good waves, too! They’re tried and tested several times a week by Melvin. And for the faint-hearted: There’s also the possibility to hop onto a bodyboard 😉

7. Wildlife and amazing plants

First of all the bad news: You won’t see any monkeys here. But we do have an impressive collection of birds, crabs, critters, iguanas and smaller mammals. Some of them you can see day and night, while for others you need to watch out for. Let’s not forget the amazing beachfront forest, which we’re enhancing with other native plants and fruit trees.

8. We leave the beach alone

our site is well hidden due to our buffer zone

We are one of the few tourism sites in this world to put a voluntary buffer zone in place – so the beach can continue to be the beach. This means that you won’t enjoy a sea view from your accommodation – but you will hear the ocean day and night and just need to walk a mere 50 metres. We respect the beach as a turtle nesting ground and a highly dynamic ecosystem – we prefer to stay in the back row.

9. 13km of beach

the beach right before sunset

Here you’ll find 13km of uninterrupted beach, which you can enjoy on the back of a horse, a cart or whatever means of transportation you’d like. Or just walk a few hours during the early morning hours to spot some fresh turtle tracks!