Help from home

Can’t come but still want to help?

No problem!


Most nests are brought to us by local egg collectors and we happily pay for them so we can safeguard them in our hatchery.

Egg collectors (some would call them “poachers”) are local inhabitants who don’t have a stable income and no other income opportunities. Thus they rely on the extraction of natural resources in order to make a living.

Sea turtle eggs are heavily commercialized in Nicaragua and their extraction from public beaches is NOT regulated – thus, up to 100% of the eggs laid are taken and sold or consumed.
If we don’t buy the nests, the collectors will either sell them to merchants or use them to feed their family.

Adopting a nest is a perfect way to help us cover the costs – no matter where you are.
It is especially important in times when global tourism is halted, as we rely on international volunteers / tourists to finance our conservation activities and especially our sea turtle program.

When we don’t receive volunteers, we have to pay for every egg out of our own pocket – this limits the number of nests we can buy and protect!!!

  • Help us protect dozens and hundreds of nests in 2021
  • 100% of your donation is used for buying eggs from the rare Hawksbill turtle or the severely poached Olive Ridley turtle
  • Your money does not only generate strong and healthy baby turtles, but also feed one local family for several days

Your benefits:

By adopting a nest, you receive

  1. Info as soon as the nest has been protected
  2. A personalized sign in our hatchery
  3. A donation certificate from MEMANTA
  4. Info as soon as the nest has been released
  5. Pictures of the hatchlings (might be taken at nighttime with red light)
Nest Sponsoring


You will be redirected to Donorbox – a secure online service for collecting funds. You can pay in different currencies using your credit or debit card!

15 EUR buys one smaller nest (< 100 eggs)
20 EUR buys one bigger nest (> 100 eggs)

Thank you and we hope to see you soon anyway!

Payments in EURO can also be made via SEPA.
Account holder: Daniela Berg
IBAN: DE02 2004 1155 0795 0181 00

Make sure to leave us your e-mail address as payment reference so we can get in touch with you!