A new concept of Conservation tourism

MEMANTA is a destination for people who want to experience a simpler way of life, think outside the box and get reconnected with nature. MEMANTA is a place for wilderness lovers, adventurous folks, aspiring scientists, inspiration-seekers and curious minds.

Our work area encompasses ecosystem management, resource management, biodiversity and environmental education on a local scale.


People who stay with us contribute to on-going conservation efforts while being trained in preservation techniques, field research methods and cultural competence.
We want to show the world that conservation can promote the right type of development as it supports ecological tourism and creates sustainable revenues.

By combining tourism with conservation and sustainable living, we seek to create a safe and enjoyable environment for travellers, local inhabitants, animals and plants.

We haven’t found the magic formula yet, but we wish to become a best-practice example for others in the future. For now, we want to learn, reflect and experiment together with you.

We welcome volunteers, students and long-term travellers all year round to participate in our programs. Apart from daily chores and interesting work projects, there are various recreational activities, workshops and tour options waiting for you!

During part of the year, we engage in sea turtle conservation. That means we focus our daily activities around the beach and the hatchery on our property.
During the rest of the year, we focus on other environmental projects as well as research efforts and community programs.

Come and stay with us

Panorama view of our campsite

Always wanted to do something different? Embark with us on an adventure you’ll never forget!
You can now make your reservation to become a Project Assistant or Volunteer.

This year, we need lots of helping hands for the further development of our sustainability projects
and the sea turtle hatchery.

Get more info HERE and feel free to contact us!

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