Get involved

Looking for some different kind of vacation? Take part in our voluntourism programs!

“Voluntourism” combines “volunteering” and “tourism”. We believe that a stay at MEMANTA involves aspects from both forms of travelling. As a tourist, you focus on enjoying yourself and leaving your daily life behind. As a volunteer, you expect to have some valuable experiences and leave the place a little bit better than it was before.

Every year, we need tons of helping hands and are happy about everyone who is willing to take this little adventure.
We encourage people to come who:

  • want to take part in a newly evolving conservation / ecotourism project and do something meaningful
  • have great ideas and want to support us in every way they can
  • have experience with travelling abroad (esp. to tropical areas)
  • love being outdoors and are happy with just basic amenities
  • can dedicate time, money and enthusiasm

You have one of the following options:

Project Assistants (min. stay 4 weeks)

Volunteers (min. stay 2 weeks)

give us some time…

Don’t forget to read our FAQ before you book your stay with us!
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Can’t come after all? You can now support our sea turtle program from far far away by adopting a nest!