Project Assistants

Specific requirements:

  1. minimum stay of 4 weeks
  2. willing to do basic and extra chores which include:
    – helping out around the project site
    – helping out with sustainability projects
    – gardening and forest management
    – data collection and analysis
  3. willing to help with our sea turtle work between JULY and JANUARY:
    – participate in night patrols
    – relocate nests
    – guard and maintain the hatchery
    – collaborate with local egg collectors
    – release hatchlings
    – carry out nest exhumations

You will:

  • sleep in a spacious, private & sheltered tent with a shared bathroom outside
  • cook your own breakfast & lunch together with the other project participants (we bring the food!)
  • receive a Nica-style dinner
  • have 1 night off per week – or 2 nights off per 2 weeks – that you can spend @MEMANTA for free or somewhere else at your own cost
  • take part in our weekly activity schedule with workshops, surf lessons, spanish lessons, fun trips, mini excursions and more
  • have enough free time to relax and explore the surroundings
  • form a big part of this project in its initial stages

You can:

  • develop your own projects and / or offer activities to the other project participants and / or undertake your own investigations
  • use this as a work experience or internship, as we are happy to provide a reference letter and certificate afterwards!

It costs:
800 USD for 4 weeks
30 USD per night and person

Included are:

+ accommodation and usage of the facilities
+ food for preparing breakfast and lunch, plus a served dinner
+ drinks all day long (water, juice, hot drinks)
+ educational, environmental and fun activities
+ training and support
+ contribution to the sea turtle project (we pay for the nests we protect!)


The campsite has NO electricity or running water. But it’s gorgeous anyway, isn’t it?


The Rancho has electricity and the kitchen is fully equipped with a gas stove and a fridge.


1) Sea turtle nesting peaks between August and November, with most nests hatching between October and December.
During the rest of the year we will have plenty of other chores and activities for you!

2) There are 3 camping spaces available at a time (2.50 x 2.50m each). That means we have space for 3 solo travellers or 3 couples!

How to pay:

In order to confirm your booking, we ask for a down payment of 400 USD via Western Union or international wire transfer.
The rest of the fee is to be paid on the day of your arrival.

We’ll send you all the banking details.
Without the upfront payment, we may not be able to guarantee a space for you.

Please let us know via email (, WhatsApp (+505 8241 1212 ) or our contact form if you want to participate!