MEMANTA has been the logical consequence of a long journey of two individuals who discovered their passion for nature conservation back in 2008 – each of them seperately, as their paths would only cross in 2015.

Hello world!
We are Daniela and Melvin. Sea turtle lovers. Nature enthusiasts. Eco-philosophers. Friends, colleagues, partners and spouses – all at the same time. We met on a truly off-the-grid beach in Costa Rica working together in an international conservation team and returned to Nicaragua, Melvin’s home country, because we wanted to turn our very own conservation-tourism-project into reality.

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We have seen many successful, but also failed projects along our way and have participated in more than just one of them. That makes us professionals in our field.

Embarking on this new journey called MEMANTA, we challenge ourselves to put some real conservation tourism in place, which goes way beyond the ethics of ecotourism – while ecotourism strives to have a minimal impact on the environment, conservation tourism has a net positive impact! We are still experimenting and learning in order to find the magic formula for the development of our future’s beachfront ecosystems. Our goal is to have tourism development and nature conservation coexist peacefully, because humanity won’t be able to live without one or the other.

Do you want to help us with that?

Leave your ideas, your ideologies, your craft, your optimism with us! In return, we’ll give you more than you will even notice in the first place. We’ll give you what we have been given all the way back in 2008.

That's us!

Still skeptical? We can provide some good reasons why you should come and stay with us! Learn about the things that make MEMANTA special @ 9 Reasons why



  • Company name: MEMANTA S.A.
  • Number of associates: 2
  • Inauguration date: 26.05.2018
  • Objectives: (1) Conservation tourism (2) Environmental protection (3) Sea turtle program (4) Surf / Outdoor activities
  • Location: Poblado de Venecia, de la escuela 1km al este, 200m hacia el mar, Chinandega, Nicaragua